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Welcome to the Middle East branch of the California Superbike School.

If you are reading this then you must have already recognized that there is more to cornering a motorcycle than you have already gained from experience or practise.

Often a rider will think that practise is the answer to their cornering issues, road or track.

The trouble with this plan, is what do you practise? Do you practise the same mistakes over and over? If you don’t know what to practise it can ultimately be a costly series of trial and error. Some riders learn quickly using this method but most of us have neither the budget or the bones to follow this path.

So what do you do now? Well the paths open to road riders are limited here in the GCC at the moment, there is no real road training other than the experience you gain, but you are looking for an improvement so this is good!

On track days it's harder still. You can get towed around by an "instructor" who can "show you the line". But this is a step in the right direction, you have asked for someone to help you improve or have shown a willingness to have more fun!

If you race there are a number of people you can call upon, your team, your manager and your competitors. But how many of these people are trained and specialized in cornering – the very place where you are losing time?

Ask yourself these questions:

All riders - Is your cornering as confident as you would like it to be?
Would you like to have a bigger smile on your face on the exit of nearly all corners?
Have you discovered a barrier in your cornering skills and would
like to break through it but don’t know how?
Road riders - Are there particular corners with which you always struggle?
Would you like to ride quicker but in more control?
Track dayers - Would you like to move up a group at your track days?
Would you like to be nearer the front in your group?
Racers - Do you need to improve your laptimes?
Do you want to finish in a high position in your racing?

We know the reasons why you are being held back!

We have the answers to those “why is he better/faster/smoother than me?” questions. We have the skills in coaching to make a REAL difference, in any corner, at any speed, anywhere, road or track. We don’t have any magic “go faster” fairy dust, no magic wand, no tricks or tips. There is no fast track to better cornering. What there is, is a sound, proven series of techniques to help you get the best from yourself and your bike. All we need is a commitment, a willingness to learn and we WILL make your cornering better – as to which thousands of our students will attest.


So what are you waiting for?


Andy Ibbott
School Director
California Superbike School Europe, Middle East, South Africa.


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